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With Beth's proven results and expert real estate coaching, you can achieve extraordinary success. Beth has successfully developed a multi six-figure real estate business while raising seven children. This achievement is a testament to the power of diligent effort, strategic planning, and a determined mindset. Take the next step today and book a free call with Beth to discuss how her coaching can elevate your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your real estate career with personalized guidance from an industry leader in real estate coaching.


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Beth is one of the most genuine good-hearted people you will ever meet. The way she does business is like no other. I was drowning in my real estate career and her guidance and coaching has been unlike any I have seen.

I have been given direction and a clear path to success. With her direction and fellowship you will truly be set for success if you listen to her.

Her technique and effort she will put into you is unmatched. Her knowledge and her expertise in real estate truly is something to be admired. Her investment in growing each person's individual business is very unique as well! I have only praise to give this wonderful woman and am so glad to be coached by her.

Tana Boothe
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Beth Shields played a critical role in my success during my first year in the real estate business.

Beth's mentorship started even before I entered the industry, providing encouragement and guidance as I studied for the exam and she cheered for me when I passed.

Her extensive expertise and industry insights helped me grow professionally, even through the challenging task of finding clients and creating transactions.

She pushed me to expand my network and to build my sphere, helped me with finicky software systems, and encouraged me to keep going when I wanted to give up.

Our weekly review sessions of my calendar and contacts helped me learn to evaluate what worked and what was wasting my time.

Beth's support extended beyond just professional advice, as she also provided stress relief through her wonderful sense of humor.

She created many opportunities for me to work in the business, helping her clients with Inspections, attending Closings, and learning how to host an Open House.

And just as she predicted, it was hosting an Open House which led to my first client referral.

Beth's generosity with her time and knowledge, along with her genuine care for my success, adds up to being a great mentor.

Shawn Ritter
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As a brand new agent, I was drawn to the PROCESS that Beth had set up. I knew that if I could SEE what another successful Realtor was doing, then replicate in my own style, I could be successful as well.

I’m a firm believer that if you walk directly in the footsteps of someone who successfully crossed a minefield, you too will successfully navigate it. And I did just that.

Beth helped me set my 12-month goals, then break that into quarterly goals, monthly plans, weekly plans and daily time blocking. And it worked! I listened to her suggestions and took action. There were times that I was frustrated, but she was always there to support me, guide me, and at times - redirect me to a better plan. Everything Beth suggested that I do, benefited me in some way.

I’m now 3 years into being a Realtor. I live in a different state, where I partnered with a long-time friend of mine and run a successful Team of six Realtors.

I work with MY agents the same way Beth worked with me. Every day, I find myself sharing SOMETHING Beth taught me with OUR Team to help them succeed. For that, I am forever grateful! If you’re ready to be successful, willing to work, and open to learning, Beth will be your BEST partner!!

John Wargo

Beth Shields

Beth has nearly a decade of experience in the real estate industry. In that time, she has successfully facilitated real estate transactions exceeding $30 million in value and guided numerous individuals in finding their dream homes. Beth also serves as a real estate trainer for agents looking to achieve success in the real estate industry. She helps you develop strategies to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to replicate her success.




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